PEMF Therapy and Bone Health

Your bone health plays a significant role in your overall body fitness. It is essential to take care of your bones to live an active life. Bone damage due to an injury or disease impacts your daily routine. The bone-related problems may take a while to heal using traditional treatments. These treatments usually are painful and slow. However, there is still another option for you.

PEMF or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is a treatment that can heal your bones naturally with no risks. It is helpful for a variety of conditions, most of the patients who have seen great results so far are dealing with chronic pain problems. The concept behind this type of therapy is that all of your cells operate at a specific charge or voltage and it is sometimes referred to as a pH level. When a current amount of charge drops patients will go through symptoms like pain, inflammation or simply the dysfunction of these cells. Keep reading to learn more in-depth about PEMF therapy for bone health.

What is the science behind PEMF therapy?

PEMF is the acronym for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. As we already, briefly mentioned, the human body has a natural electromagnetic field inside it. This energy field is responsible for the proper coordination and working of your cells and tissues. The EMF pulses enter your body and balance out the natural field. Tiny pulses reach your cells and regenerate them. PEMF reduces body inflammation and fastens the natural healing of bone, muscles, and tissues. This therapy is quick in action and has no major side effects. People from all over the world are turning to this therapy to treat various body issues. You should know that there are natural ways to charge your cells and some of them are drinking spring water, eating raw vegetables or exercising. If you are a type of patient that can’t do those activities at all or at least at a required amount you are eligible for PEMF therapy, especially if you want to see some results.

PEMF Therapy for Bones

In the late 19s, NASA scientists studied the effects of PEMF therapy on bones. It was proved that PEMF therapy can safely regenerate muscles and bones. The experts compared PEMF therapy with electrical therapy. Studies showed that PEMF therapy is much more effective than other therapies because the tiny pulses can go deeper in your body. Studies have shown that PEMF is an effective treatment to heal bones and reduce pain. Moreover, it has no risks or side effects. So, this treatment can help to cure bone damage due to injury, fracture, osteoporosis, and other conditions.

How does this therapy heal your bones?

The PEMF therapy activates your cell’s receptors and pathways in your bones. These pulses revitalize your cells to heal them. Also, the therapy reduces the pain and heals joints. This therapy works like a magic pill to relieve joint, back, and body pain. Thanks to the wonders of new technology and the discovery that certain waves, electromagnetic fields and particular charges can help in health we have come to this point where an electromagnetic field can stimulate bone-building cells to start doing their job. With the right kind of signals, not only your bone-building cells but your muscles and all the surrounding tissue benefit from this positive current and starts to heal and regenerate themselves.

PEMF Therapy and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that develops with age. People consider this condition irreversible, however, PEMF therapy can help with that. This therapy has been proven to reduce the pain in osteoporosis patients. Some studies have shown that this therapy promotes the development of bone mass and reduces damage. PEMF therapy will give you the same result as a drug called Fosamax that is used in treating osteoporosis, postmenopausal one in particular. Now another interesting thing is that over 24 weeks and after 40 min sessions with six days a week of therapy these results were what the researchers and up with and it is remarkable how successful it is.

Why is PEMF better than the other treatments?

Unlike other treatments, this therapy has no severe risks or side effects. Moreover, this therapy shows fast results and is reasonable. You can get this therapy easily. The other treatments are costly and do not always work. This therapy takes 10 to 20 minutes and relaxes your whole body. Sentient element is the best PEMF machine. No other machine comes closer to the power of sentient element. Click here to read more.

Most patients after the therapy have reported that they are more relaxed and more energetic than before, so with the utilization of more natural ways of speeding your cells and helping your bones and wounds to heal, you get double the benefits. This therapy has become so popular that, by now, you can go and get yourself one of these therapy devices and use it in the comfort of your home.

If you get a home PEMF device, you can save yourself from the trouble of visiting clinics now and then. You can easily get this therapy while sleeping or just sitting comfortably.

PEMF Devices for Bones

PEMF devices of various shapes and sizes are available that can help to heal your bones. Apart from that, these therapies can also help to reduce muscular pain, improve your sleep, and enhance your body’s flexibility. You can get a device of your choice at healthylineoutlet. A large mat makes it easy for you to target your whole body at once. You can lie down and sleep on this mat and wake up relaxed. Other small-sized devices are available to target your knees or elbows. You can also get small cushions and pads. Adjust the frequency of the device, and you are good to go.

Most of us are usually sceptical when it comes to this type of healing device brought down from medical to commercial use, but you have to be aware that this is nothing complicated, and more importantly nothing that can’t be scaled down to a device made for home use. What is even more important is that sometimes these home devices can prove to be a bit more effective because you can use them when you want and for how long you want and need them.

Final Words

To conclude, this therapy works great to enhance your bone health, strengthen your muscles and tissue surrounding it as well as make it more elastic. This type of therapy is great for patients who can’t use the alternative methods of naturally increasing their cells’ pH levels due to certain conditions. It is a smart decision to invest in a PEMF device to heal your bones, and use it whenever you need it and for how long you need it. Practical, time saving and relaxed sessions at home can’t be replaced.