5 Things You Should Know Before Penis Enlargement Surgery


There are certain secrets that men do not like to admit. For instance, they will never tell you that they also sometimes cry. We are not talking here about crying when the girl that you love leaves you. Men cry even when they watch a sad movie or listen to a sad song. In some parallel universe, crying is more related to the female population. Yet, this is not the biggest secret that they have. The majority of them will not admit that they are not satisfied with the size of their penis.

There are different reasons why this is happening. First of all, some men are expecting too much from themselves. They hear stories, and they are afraid that their penis is too small. Well, this is the problem that should not worry you a lot. The stories that you hear are usually not correct. Even if they are true, that doesn’t mean you should not be satisfied with your side.


On the other hand, some male persons truly have health problems. Unfortunately, mother nature was not on their side. These things happen, and it is not something you should be afraid of.

In both cases, the biggest problem of all is a lack of self-confidence. When a person is not satisfied with personal physical appearance, he considers himself less valuable. The consequences won’t only influence love life; they will negatively impact all parts of life.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem exists, thanks to advanced technology. Penis enlargement surgery is an industry that will become your best friend. However, there are certain things you should know before you decide on this. We know that this is not an easy decision, and we want to make things easier for you.

Let’s find out together which things you should know before penis enlargement surgery.

1. Don’t Feel Bad If You Decide on This Move

This is the first thing that we need to say to people that are afraid to decide on this move. Many people do not do a penis enlargement surgery because they are afraid of what the environment is going to say. Well, no one has the right to judge you. Would you blame some who is sick because he is consuming different medicines? Well, then there is no reason to fall under pressure because of that.

Besides, do you even need to say to anyone what your plans are? This sort of surgery features anonymity completely. Your decisions will remain safe forever!

2. Is It Safe?

Another reason why people do not want to decide on this move is fear. This is not only a common reason for this sort of surgery. People are afraid of consequences that can potentially happen if the surgery is not accomplished correctly.

We have good news for you. The percentage of successful penis enlargement surgeries is high. You can find more information about the success rate through basic research. Yet, this doesn’t mean that people should not be careful. Something that will always be risky is not following surgical aftercare instructions. Every professional surgeon will give you clear instructions on what you should do after the surgery ends. Each time you make a change in your body, you have to respect certain requirements. Because of that, this is not something that should scare you.

3. Carefully Do a Research

Most people usually use Google to get familiar with ambulances that offer this sort of service. Logically, when they type “Penis Enlargement Surgery”, they will get millions of results. All the websites tell them that the current place is perfect for them. This cannot be very clear for most people.

Well, there are certain things that you should look for. First of all, you should find surgeons that have experience in this field. We do not want to say that ones with a lack of expertise are bad. Yet, it is better to be sure that a current surgeon knows what he is doing. Despite that, you should carefully read the procedure of penis enlargement. Every user needs to know all the parts of the surgery. Finally, most professional doctors will always publish “before-after” pictures on their websites. In this way, you can know what to expect.

The goal of this article is to help you in every way, and we would want to give you some directions. We recommend visiting Dr. Elist and finding out more about the procedure and seeing things that you can get. He uses the Penuma procedure that usually reports the length and girth increase of around 1.5 to 2.5 inches. We assume that you would be happy with that.

4. The Average Size of Penis


Well, this is probably one piece of information that many men would want to know. The average size can tell you what exactly you should require. Before everything, you should know that the average size is not as big as you might think. Believe it or not, the average size of the flaccid penis is around 9.16cm or 3.61 inches. On the other hand, the average size of the erect penis is around 13.2cm in length.

These numbers do not need to mean anything. However, we know that men always want to be above average. Because of that, these numbers might give you a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Logically, they will also tell you if you have a micropenis or not.

5. Small Penis Concerns

For many men, the size of their penis can be a source of concern and even anxiety. It’s essential to remember that there is a wide range of variation in penis size, and what’s most important is how you feel about your own body.

If you have concerns about having a small penis, it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or a therapist who can provide guidance and support.

They can help you explore any underlying issues related to body image and self-esteem and provide information on options or strategies that can promote a positive self-image and sexual confidence.

In conclusion, while understanding the average size of the penis can provide some context, it’s crucial to prioritize self-acceptance and emotional well-being above all else. Your self-confidence and comfort in your own skin matter far more than any statistics.

6. When Should Man with a Normal-Sized Penis Decide On This Move


In the end, we left enough space to answer the most important question. Some men know very well that their penis is not small. However, they still want to improve their size. Well, there are certain moments where you can be a candidate for the surgery.

First of all, if you believe that surgery will boost your sexual confidence and prowess, then do that. Despite that, if your penis is quite small compared to other parts of the body, then surgery can fix things. Finally, penile shrinking is usually caused by some medical conditions. Well, if that’s the case, then deciding on this move would be good.