School Supply Hacks that will Make your Life Easier


Regardless of how many helpful products you own, you might have noticed that there are some things where you could use more help. One such important aspect is school life. Everyone gets an opportunity to own school supplies, and thus, the following hacks at LiveTray are some of the best tips you will find to help you glide through school effortlessly.

Before diving into the hacks, are you wondering why you need to know about these hacks in the first place? Well, the tips we are going to discuss will help you save time, space, money, and even make things more convenient. Who in their right minds will refuse such an excellent opportunity?

Here are the most useful school supply hacks for you:

  • Label, label, label!

Labeling will help in avoiding misunderstandings that may arise due to having two of the same supply. For example, if there are two children, they will have their own set of stationery, but there are chances that they might get confused regarding which one belongs to whom.

Write their names on their supplies or add a distinguishing sign that the kids can easily recognize and differentiate between each other’s belongings. You can even set aside separate boxes so that they do not mix up their things in the first place.

  • Shower caddies for storage

If you think shower caddies come in handy only in the bathroom, you are very misguided. School supplies include a lot of crayons, colors, pencils, pens, and other similar items. And all of us know how disorganized they can get.

You can use a shower caddy to hold all these supplies in a single designated space. This tip will keep the table organized and easy to get access while working on homework, projects, and crafts.

  • New routine buddy

Going back to school is never a simple task. However, with a new routine, you can get as close to a smooth transition as possible. This routine should include the things the child has to do before school and after school.

Separating before and after school tasks will help the kid to understand the new routine better. Try not to make any excuses or pardons when your child does not complete the schedule. Let them know about their responsibilities. This LiveTray tip will help you gain better control over your own life as well as your family’s life.

  • Pack your own lunch!

Preparing lunches for children is one of the most essential yet time-consuming things to do in the morning. One tip to speed up this process and manage time better is by placing prepacked, readymade, and non-perishable lunches in boxes, and allowing the children to pick what they need from the table, on their own.

If you want to add some fresh fruit or food items to their lunch, you can do the same “placing food in trays” inside the fridge. This way, the kids will take what they need without you having to prepare everything on your own.

  • Homework reminders

You can hand over your child a small notebook or a piece of paper to fit inside their box so that they can write down what homework they have. After coming home, they will see the notes and never forget to complete their work.

It is an excellent way for you to make sure that they finish their work on time too. This tip will work for all kinds of reminders and not just for homework. Keeping track of little things like this will help a person to be more responsible in the future.

  • Color coding

Color coding helps tremendously in several ways. There are many things that color coding will help, one of which is pasting colored tape on notebooks—a different color for each subject. With these color-coded notebooks, a child can quickly find out what the subject is without needing to open it to check.

Putting labels on highlighters so that a specific color corresponds to a specific type of information will also help a lot. For example, you can have blue for quotes, green for places, blue for events, and the like.

  • Plan out the outfits

Children require assistance when it comes to their wardrobes, especially what to wear with what. You can save time by setting their outfits for an entire week. Doing this will enable your child to become more independent and dress themselves.

Once they return from school, they will know where to keep what, making your job ten times easier. Allowing children to dress themselves also gives them a sense of self-reliance, which is essential regarding self-improvement.


With these little tips and tricks, you can be more organized and save more time by canceling out non-key tasks. It helps you and teaches your children valuable lessons, from responsibility to time management.