Net Worth 2018 of Phantoml0rd

Fifty years ago there was no profession such as video gamer, but today those guys are earning serious money just from playing video games. Of course, this modern era’s profession requires dedication and commitment to make it as a source of income. One of the world’s most famous professional gamers is 30 years old James Verga, also known as Phantoml0rd.

James Verga became a familiar name among gamers thanks to his aggressive approach in playing, especially on tournaments. This characteristic is one of the reasons why he was absent from some tournaments. But even though he is usually described as “awful team player,” no one can deny his outstanding playing skills.

Phantoml0rd childhood

Phantoml0rd was born on October 7th, 1988 in Los Angeles. Since the early life, he was interested in video games. Thanks to his skills he played with different teams games like Counterstrike and World of Warcraft. He was also competing several times in video games such as Fortress Classic and Quake3Arena. Those tournaments gave him the chance to play and meet the best in this industry what eventually lead him to play in the League of Legends. After playing in different leagues, he became the founder of V8 Esports team and was selected for the IPL3. It didn’t take him too long to start replacing other players at every level of the League of Legends.
After so many achievements in this video game, he finally got ranked as #1 on 26th of September, 2011.

Phantoml0rd career

Verga became well-known gamer thanks to and IPL3 in Atlantic City. His popularity started to rise rapidly, and he was reaching more than 143.000 views while streaming on Unfortunately, James didn’t have discipline and often was not compiling with rules. Constant breaking of violation gave him nothing less than a permanent ban.

While playing for the V8 Esports team, Phantoml0rd participated in the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament in New York. He was streaming in and became the most viewed gamer in history with more than 143k viewers. The previous record belongs to Mike that had 137k spectators.

Verga also showed amazing skills in high-level games like Karthus, Ahri, Syndra, Twisted Treeline, Dyrus and etc. He was showing strong skills and strategy especially while playing on stream. He exactly knew what kind of trick to do to get more of the viewer’s attention. Strong teleport strategy was shown while playing Karthus. A number of viewers was increasing every time he played on stream.

Phantoml0rd Achievements and Awards


Phantoml0rd was into video games since his childhood. As he early started to play professionally, he participated in many tournaments. Showing his talent for the Esports got him several awards and achievements. The first one was the achievements state of the league guest starring Phantoml0rd. During IPL3 in Atlantic City, he got the rank #1. Thanks to his unique aggressive playing style, he became famous among gamers, and that strategy got him several awards after.

Phantoml0rd’s Net Worth

James Verga, known as Phantoml0rd, is a professional gamer for more than a decade. His passion for video games and his talent got him around 6 million USD. He was playing on many different tournaments around the world and with many different teams. From some of them, he was banned because of his wild nature which doesn’t let him stick with the rules. Breaking violations forced him to cool down for a bit, but he was always coming back. He is unique, fearless and extremely competitive player. Breaking the record of 143 thousand viewers was a step to a higher level in the gaming industry. Since then, Phantoml0rd’s net worth is constantly rising while he is doing what he knows best.