The Places Where The Richest of Americans Live

The Forbes list of 400 riches U.S. citizens is out, and we bring you the homes of those that are at the top of the list. The first place on this list belongs to Bill Gates as it did in the past twenty-three years. His value stands at $81 billion. The second place has changed as Warren Buffett fell to third place after being second for fifteen years only behind Bill with estimated net worth of $65.5 billion. His position was taken by CEO Jeff Bezos who has $67 billion. The rest of the list has names such as Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook owner, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, former NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, etc.

We listed only the six wealthiest people in the U.S. and we are going to show you their homes.

1. Bill Gates

His house is located in Medina, Washington and it has 66,000 square-foot of space inside. In order to build this house, Mr. Gates spent $63.2 million, and it took seven years to complete. The mansion has a splendid view of Lake Washington.

2. Jeff Bezos

The Amazon owner did an excellent job in building his virtual estate, and he has done similarly in making his real home. He also resides in Medina, Washington on a location close to the Amazon headquarters. It is built on 5.35 acres of land, and it has 29,000 square-foot of living space.

3. Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffet’s mansion is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The original house was built in 1921, but through years it has been remodeled several times, and it now has 6,500 square-foot of space. The Buffett family owns the estate since 1958, and they lived there ever since then.

4. Mark Zuckerberg

The $55.5 billion social media magnate spends most of his time in Palo Alto, California. His 5,000 square-foot home cost him $7 million, but in order to have more privacy, he bought the surrounding houses. This endeavor took another $43.8 million.

5. Larry Ellison

The 72-year-old Oracle chairman Larry Ellison has acquired many real estates through the years. He owns properties from Malibu, across Lake Tahoe, Japan, Hawaii, to Rhode Island. But, a place where he spends most of his time is located in Woodside, California. It’s a $110 million estate build in 16th-century Japanese style. It also has a 2.3-acre lake situated nearby.

6. Michael Bloomberg

As it could be expected the Former Mayor of NY City has his home located in Manhattan, New York. His house is located at 17 East 79th Street. It has five stories and a limestone exterior.