Players That Deserve All-Star Starting Spot In The Western Conference

All-Star votings are ending soon, and we are all wondering what is going to happen with Zaza Pachulia. Will players votes and media votes be enough for him not to start in the All-Star game and take away one of the spots for guys who truly deserve to be in the All-Star game? Let’s see which player deserve to start in the West.

Point GuardRussell Westbrook – Thunder point guard, is one of the best that NBA has to offer. His triple-doubles are impressive, and he has cemented himself as one of the best players in the game. There is no doubt that he should start in New Orleans.

Shooting GuardJames Harden – Rockets are playing great basketball, and James Harden is having an MVP-caliber season. It’s tough to leave Curry out of the starting lineup, but if you want to put him, let him play instead of Westbrook. Harden has secured his spot.

Small ForwardKawhi Leonard – San Antonio Spurs swingman is the best two-way player that NBA has to offer. He is doing his thing on the both sides of the ball as San Antonio is still one of the best in the West.

Power ForwardKevin Durant – Warriors have the best record in the league. Yes, they probably could do it even without Kevin Durant, but he is still the best player on that squad. They brought him in not to make a difference in the regular season, but to get the job done in the Playoffs.

Center/ForwardDeMarcus Cousins – The best big man in the game should be in the All-Star match as a starter. He is the most talented player that the Kings ever had as he is doing his thing inside and outside. As the best center in the NBA, he should start.