Instagram Will Put Video Advertisement Within Stories

Instagram has decided to put video advertisements within Stories, which will pop up between the videos and photos of the people you follow. This means that when you are watching Stories, get ready to see the ads from time to time.

Instagram posted a preview to Vimeo, and you can see how these advertisements will look like. In the example they posted, there is a commercial for Airbnb that appears between photos or videos of your friends.

In addition to the video above that show adverts, Instagram will also add photo-based ads which last for five seconds. Good news is that this feature is only available to several partners such as Netflix and Nike and according to TechCrunch, it should not slow down the popular app, and these advertisements can be skipped anytime you want with a swipe. Furthermore, they will start to appear if you watch several Stories in your feed.

In order to compete against Snapchat, which has its own Story feature where the users can create a photo diary of their day or a video and post it, Instagram introduced Stories at the end of 2016. So far, this has seemed like a good move, since about 150 million people have been using Instagram Stories since its launch.

We don’t know exactly where the video ads will be rolled out across the app, but we are positive that Instagram will not delay this, so expect to see the new feature in the next few months. What do you think about this move?