High School DxD Season 4 – Updates, Spoilers, Air Date

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High School DxD Season 4 – prepare for new season!

High School DxD got the green light for Season four a few months ago, to be more precise, in October. The news about new Anime series that will serve as Season four for High School DxD was announced at Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai that took place in Japan. So, good news is that there will be another season, but on the sad side, there still isn’t any official date set for the airing of the show. Fans are desperate to hear the news about air date and they are slowly becoming annoyed by a lack of information available. Considering that last episode of this hugely popular Anime was aired back in June of 2015 we can understand fans lack of patience.

Unconfirmed rumors set the release date of High School DxD Season 4 in the Fall of 2017. This timeline seems realistic from today’s point of view, but we, just as you will have to wait for official confirmation. During this period, some of the most impatient fans are already creating theories about the storyline of Season 4 of High School DxD.

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One of the arguments that were talked the most is if the story will revolve around Norse God, Loki. They are saying that Issei Hyoudou will have Loki as his main enemy. Furthermore, fans are claiming that the story will start when Loki escapes the underworld prison and starts using his powers to change the timeline of the entire show to undo Isseis doing. Issei will, of course, try to counter him and will do this with the most unexpected of assistance. The theory claims that Isseis help will come in shape of his future daughters. Their names are Ex Gremory, Kurenai Himejima, Zen Quarta, Shirayuki, Kurobara, Airi Hyoudou, Shin Shidou, Robertina Hyoudou, Helmwige and Ernestine Galnstein.

Whether we will get the chance to enjoy High Schol DxD this year and whether will the storyline play out like this remains to be seen. Anyway, we will stay on the theme and bring your way any official and less official news.