Playing At Home Is Not An Advantage for Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys’ 2-3 score shocked everyone, but one of the issues they are facing are home games. So far AT&T Stadium, which has opened on June 6, 2009, hasn’t given them the advantage. This arena has been used for numerous events such as the NFL Super Bowl, an NBA All-Star game, concerts, football, college basketball, wrestling, you name it.

When you look at this stadium, it appears to be a nightmare for the visiting teams. Next to the CenturyLink Field in Seattle and Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, the AT&T Stadium in Arlington should be the hell for the opposing players with energetic fans, tens of thousands of them, who are rooting for the Cowboys. But that is not the case.

It has never been a problem for the Cowboys to attract people to the games. Even when it is flooded with people and fans, they don’t do too much when they are at the stadium. Some of them miss half the match because they visit shops at the stadium or go to the restaurants to eat. Don’t misunderstand this – it is completely fine to do that, but the fans should remember that they have come to the game to support their team and root for them.

So, whose fault is that? Are the fans to blame for not being passionate about their squad? Or is it team to blame for not getting the fans reasons to celebrate? So far, the Dallas Cowboys have had a 35-32 score at the AT&T Stadium and 2-1 in the playoffs. Consider this – Dallas has played only three duels in the postseason in the last eight years. We can fully understand the fans who are not interested in watching their team lose. Except for the previous season which was fantastic, and since the Cowboys won the NFC and had 13-3 regular season score, they haven’t done much. This year, they are 2-3, which is not promising at all.

Even in the past, the Cowboys fans were not famous for being raucous. In the 1970s, the team has become renowned for their winning culture that also prevails today. The 1990s were quite successful for the Boys’, and although it was sweet, it was a short run. We can say that the Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in sports and only Real Madrid attracts more attention from the media and fans.

For Dallas, there is no middle ground. It is either going exceptionally well or not so good at all. Even when head coach Jason Garrett managed to lead his team to 12-4 three years ago and 13-3 last year, people would still question this squad. However, in 2015, they recorded 4-12 and thing aren’t looking bright now.

After the stadium in Arlington got opened, Dallas has been neither here nor there. From 2011-2013 they had 8-8, but Garrett has improved, and despite that, for some reason, the Cowboys cannot dominate at home. A lot of out-of-town fans who are rooting for the Cowboys rivals want to come to the AT&T Stadium to watch their team beat the America’s Team. And for some reason, the environment looks as if it is a living room thanks to the massive video screen attached to the top. Moreover, the stadium is built in an east-west direction, and it has an open end which lets the afternoon sun penetrate. Even though this sounds odd, it is something to think about.

The AT&T Stadium is great for huge events, but it is not going to be remembered as the Dallas Cowboys home. The NFL has changed in the last two decades, and it is not about the tradition. Meanwhile, billionaire owners like Jerry Jones are interested in money only, and they do not care about issues such as these.