PlayStation Games Available on Mobile Phones in 2017

Much to all gamers’ delight, Sony has recently announced that they will make some of their popular PlayStation games available for mobile phones in 2017. They even revealed that the titles such as “Arc The Lad,” “Everybody’s Golf” and “PaRappa the Rapper” are being prepared for other platforms. The games will be delivered first in Japan, and then in other Asian countries as well.

This project implies that Sony is about to take part in the mobile market competition. The company’s rival Nintendo has already done that, having faced the failure of Wii U console in the market. Furthermore, there is a reason why they have chosen Japan. In this country, mobile gaming is extremely popular, as it takes more than 50% of the huge market. Thus, Sony’s success with PlayStation 4, which eventually proved to be greater than that of Microsoft’s Xbox One is not enough, for there are numerous rivals they have to compete with in Japan.

On the one hand, Sony’s decision to enter the mobile gaming world with titles their fans already know about may turn out to be quite beneficial for the company, since mobile games can raise their revenue significantly. To be honest, tech giant could face serious problems as an analyst at Ace Research Institute, Hideki Yasuda, believes that things can easily go wrong, as well. He states: “Even if those mobile games successfully attract users, the same franchises cannot be played on current PlayStation consoles. There will be little synergy between mobile and console gaming within Sony.” Another thing that makes this second scenario very likely is the fact that the games Sony has chosen are not “the ones that have seen lasting success.”

In addition to this big announcement, the company has also revealed something about a new way of playing card games, which has been developed through Project Field. “We believe this is a brand new platform that will allow for a playing style that has not existed up until now. To sum up the concept in a few words, we want to add a digital spice to the experience of touching an analogue thing”, states Kazuyuki Sakamoto, who was in charge of Project Field development.