2017 Mazda CX-5 for Aussie market more loaded than ever!


Mazda’s new wonder, the 2017 CX-5 will hit the Australian market sometime in the first half of the next year, and it is fair to expect that they will just keep on building on the sales and marketing model that made the mid-sized SUV sell so successfully in that market since its launch in 2012. At the end of what has been another great year for the brand over at Australia, Mazda has decided to repay them by improving the offer.

Mazda Australia Marketing Director, Alastair Doak was very happy while stressing that there will most certainly be a lot to look forward when it comes to the next-gen medium SUV. He stated “I think it looks sensational, but you can call me biased on that front,” and added, “We can confirm however that the new 2017 Mazda CX-5 will offer second row air vents and an electric tailgate, as well as more equipment to be confirmed”. To up the stakes, Japanese carmaker also decided that all of their current vehicles receive additional safety kit as well, which was backed up by Doak’s statement “That’s true and the new CX-5 will also include G-Vectoring technology, which is a first for an SUV in the Mazda range”. He also said, “Further, we can confirm today that we will increase the CX-5 range from four model grades to five, and we think that will help keep the CX-5 at the top of the sales charts in Australia.”

The company also decided to add something else, and that comes in a form of Touring grade which will be positioned between third and second trim. Doak explained this by saying “The strategy behind Touring is to give customers something more premium to aim for,” adding that “There’s a reasonable price gap between Maxx Sport and GT, so Touring will sit between as a stepping stone for buyers who can’t quite afford the top model. It’s a good extension to the range and we think this grade will do very well.” According to Doak, this strategy is used to attract current owners to upgrade as much as to bring new customers to the brand.


2017 Mazda CX-5 Price

As for the price, customers can opt for a petrol CX-5 in AWD that includes – Maxx ($32.890), Maxx Sport ($36.490), GT ($44.090) and Akera ($47.410), while the Touring grade will be positioned between Maxx Sport and GT, where there will be a decent $7.600 price gap before on-road costs. To seal the deal on all, Doak gave one last statement “The CX-5 is a very successful formula, and we’ve done market research in Australia, comprehensive research so that we can understand not just whether the buyer likes the vehicle and why, but whether it will conquest buyers from other brands. It’s a complex but useful exercise to do and a lot of people were saying, “we love the current one, don’t touch it too much”. We’ve just made safety pack standard on current models, but beyond these hints we’ve already given you, we don’t want to give too much away just yet”.

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