Plonk Wine Club Review

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Plonk Wine Club is indeed one of the greatest wine clubs for the wine consortium. They provide wines that come from around the world. And you can’t find them anywhere else. The point plus that you could get from this wine club is that the wine products are 100% organic.

What makes it different

The Plonk Wine Club selects distinctive wines which focus on the biodynamic and organic products. To attain such labels, each winery should change their growing methods. The wine manufacturers in the Plonk Wine Club follow the strict growing guidelines although they don’t claim their products organic traits.

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Subscribing to the shipment from Plonk Wine Club, you will receive the series of fantastic wines from around the world. As mentioned, they focus on organic wines. That means you will receive different names of the wines that come from various vineyards. These wines could promote the unique properties that you’ve never experienced before.

Free corkscrew

You will also get the satisfactorily incentive when joining with the Plonk Wine Club. With its formal membership, you are eligible to attain free corkscrew. You will have a variety of corkscrew which can cater to all your needs.

Wines perks

Depending on your subscriptions types, you will receive a certain amount of shipments of wine from the wine club as you usually do with another club. And you will sample a certain number of the best wines from around the world. You will agree that the tastes are much different from the other commercial wines. It is thanks to the high-quality grapes which are organic.

The variety of wines

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You could join with either red, white, or mixed wines. Not to mention that you could also order the current and the past wines in their collections. The collection comes at quite affordable prices. The quality of the wines is significant to the costs. Moreover, you could also find more expensive wines which come with more quality. Plonk can provide more organic wines, compared to other wine clubs.  

The service quality

We’ve tested its customer support and wowed with its dedication. Instead of speaking with chatbots or automated emails, we were greeted by the spokesperson of the company. A call center is a human-operated place. The owner of the Club, Etty Lewensztain is also known as closer to her subscribers. She often made contact personally, although we’ve yet to have such experience. But we are delighted with their excellent service.

The Plonk Wine Club also has such good standard in delivering their service. As the sole member of the club, you can ask for a refund if you don’t like a bottle of wine they sent. Unlike the other clubs terms, there are no questions asked when you need to refund. But it will not likely happen because the collection of the wines in the Plonk Wine Club is marvelous. You won’t find bad wines after all.

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The wine club offers the discounts of any specific wines you re-purchase. And if you are the official member of Plonk Wine Club, you will also get special discounts.


Plonk Wine Club is a fantastic destination for wine lovers who like to taste organic wines to enrich their wine knowledge and comprehension. Join with the club, and you won’t regret it!