Pokémon Go – How to Download the Game Immediately?

Source: pokemon.com

Pokémon Go is definitely a popular game, and all of the Pokémon fans can go around the real world to chase and catch Pokémon in their cities and towns. The world has gone completely crazy over this game which is available in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan and many other countries. However, some other states such as India are also, finally, getting Pokémon Go officially.

The game can be downloaded on Apple Watch as well, which is great because you don’t have to stare at your smartphone screen all the time. You can nonchalantly walk around the town if you play Pokemon Go on your watch and it will alert you if you are near a PokeStop or some Pokemon.

A lot of updates have been released for this game so far, with the latest one being a bit controversial because the footsteps tracker and some other elements that can help trainers have been removed. Additionally, some of the users have complained that their game progress was deleted and that they have to start from the beginning.

But, do you want to play Pokemon Go right now? Here is how to download the game for both Android and iOS.

Source: pokemon.com

1. Download Pokemon Go on Android

Firstly, you need to allow Android to install and run apps which are not downloaded from your country, but once this setting is on, you only want to download apps which you know are safe. To do this, open up the Settings and go to Security. After that, find “Unknown Sources” and turn this on.

Once you do this, download the Pokemon Go APK file. You will find this file on the Pokemon Go APK webpage and just tap on “Download APK.” The warning message will pop up, but just press ok. This file is the Pokemon Go game. After that select this file when the download is finished and run the installation.

Source: pokemon.com

2. Download Pokemon Go on iPhone

If Pokemon Go is unavailable in your country, just follow the instructions here. The first thing you need to do is to trick your phone into believing that you are in the region where you can download this game. You will do so by going into Settings and tapping on “Apple ID” then just sign out.

Now back in Setting go to General; Language; Region and there set your region either as US, Australia or New Zealand. After this, go to App Store and find a Pokemon Go. If you can find a free app, go to “Create new Apple ID.”

When you are creating the new ID, select “None” in the Billing menu and add some of the three countries mentioned above. You can find the addresses on Google. Now you just need to download the game, install it and enjoy it.