Pokemon Movie Release Date and Latest News


As most of you probably already know, famous Pokemon anime has been renewed for a movie, but the chances are you still don’t know what you can expect to see in the upcoming film. Well, we provide you with the latest news regarding this highly anticipated title.

According to some sources, the movie, which will be titled Pokemon: I Choose You, will go back to the beginning when we first met Pokemon characters. It can be clearly seen in the Japanese trailer for the film that it will in a way retell a couple of first episodes of the anime, particularly focusing on the relationship between Ash and Pikachu, i.e. how Ash became the Pokemon trainer in the first place and then how Pikachu and himself eventually bonded.

For the time being, the trailer is available only in Japanese, but you don’t really need to understand a single word to get the feeling that the movie will definitely evoke nostalgia. The video features the scene when Ash and Pikachu met for the very first time, along with the mythical Pokemon Ho-Oh dropping a Rainbow Wing. One particular scene made it clear that the movie will go back to the beginning – the one which shows Ash riding a bike in the rain, while carrying Pikachu.


That being said, we can say for sure that the events from the earliest anime episodes will be depicted once again. However, it would be wrong to jump to the conclusion and say that everything will be exactly the same. It has been reported that, in addition to this, the movie will also include certain plot points that have never been talked about so far.

Pokemon: I Choose You Release Date

Pokemon: I Choose You was announced on December 15 last year during the TV broadcast of “Oha Suta” as a special entry as the franchise celebrates the 20th anniversary this year. Rica Matsumoto and Ikue Otani are expected to voice Satoshi and Pikachu, respectively. The movie will debut in July in Japan, and only a few months later the DVD and Blu-ray version will also be available. As for the release date in the U.S., it has not been announced yet.