The Curse Of Oak Island What Treasure It Hides


Till now we had 4 Seasons of The Curse Of Oak Island which is one of the most successful unscripted reality TV Shows. It is all due to the fact that there are many people that want to see mysteries regarding Oak Island resolved and see what kind of treasure it hides.

When it comes to theories about what is hidden there, we have more than a few options to choose from. These include Pirate Treasure, Shakespeare manuscripts, Knights Templars and religious artifacts, Marie Antoinette’s jewels and similar.

This was all more than enough to spark the imagination of many and attract people to search the Island up and down numerous times. We can conclude that most of those expeditions did not have a lot of success, but the latest one that is undertaken by Lagina brothers is quite promising.

What are they chasing? What could they find there?

Many theories are known but the highest possibility that Pirates Treasure of Captain Kidd was hidden there. We say hidden as there is a possibility that this has been uncovered already by people but that it hasn’t been published as the lucky guy or group wanted to enjoy it without anyone knowing the truth. Old tales say that Captain Kidd and his crew buried the treasure and some estimates suggest that the value of that treasure could reach about $180 million in today’s worth which is quite incredible and deserving of endeavor invested in uncovering the truth.

Another possibility is that the crew might find Marie Antoinette’s jewels and various other valuable items that were taken from the Palace of Versailles. Later they were transferred to London and with the help of French navy, that in this story constructed Money Pit, everything was hidden on Oak Island.


We could also hear that the Money Pit is simply a natural sinkhole but to be honest, no one want’s to believe that as there are far more attractive stories than this one. Think about various religious artifacts that could be uncovered here if Knights Templar dug this hole. Or imagine if Shakespeare manuscripts are somehow preserved somewhere on the island. Hopefully, we will see the continuation of the story that Lagina brother’s brought us in The Curse Of Oak Island, and we certainly do wish for them to solve some of the mysteries that this place hides.