Charlotte’s PPV Streak Comes To An End


Charlotte was the queen of the pay per views as she didn’t have a single loss on the shows that were airing on Sunday ever since she made her main roster debut. Well, she didn’t have it until couple days ago as she lost to Bayley at WWE Fastlane. Nobody really expected this to happen this Sunday, but the company went with it.

Now, Bayley won’t have her Wrestlemania moment as a sympathetic babyface that is chasing the title after failing time and time again as she will be the title holder going into the show. WWE made a mistake when they gave the title before the Wrestlemania, but the general belief was that Charlotte is going to get it back before the show in Orlando so that Bayley could still have her moment at the grandest stage of them all.


Again, WWE booked themselves into the corner. They probably realized that Charlotte having her 5th reign as a champion already is probably not the best decision and on top of that, we need to add they broke her streak on one of the worst PPVs that the company put together in recent memory. This was a B-level pay per view in which the streak that could have really elevated somebody if it was built up even more and broken on an important WWE pay per view is now over and never to return.

It’s going to be interesting to see what will WWE do with the women’s division now as Bayley is going into Wrestlemania as the champion. Is Sasha Banks going to turn heel? That is a logical move by the WWE, but they don’t make those, so it’s tough to say what it’s going to happen next.