Pokemon Themed BMW i8 – Approved or Not


I really do not understand the mindset of some people! Why on Gods green Earth would you make a car, that by itself draws more than enough attention and turns more than enough heads, into a rolling Pokemon commercial?! The i8 is an engineering work of art and a work of art done by none other than BMW. If they intended it to be a car from the cartoon, it would probably roll of the factory floor in such a fashion.

The car in question belongs to Veluxity Car Rentals, and according to them the vehicle was recently driven around Miami just to see the reactions of the passersby. The company was kind enough to share the video they’ve captured, and it shows some interesting results as well as the commentary on how the car drives.

What was easy to predict is that the bystanders will immediately whip out their phones and start taking photos and videos of it, and yes that was exactly what happened. As you can see from the video, there was a lot of smiles, picturing and a lot of pointing fingers. Probably because no sane person would expect to see a BMW i8 wrapped in Pokemon GO related scheme. No matter how crazy the idea was, I have to admit, the cover on the i8 looks good, and the details that were on it are immaculate right down to the Pokeball wheel cap. Well done!


One more interesting part of the video is a short review of the car by the driver, who normally doesn’t do that. One part of the commentary offered positive part of the story but still there was a decent amount of things that could be better. If you caught everything that he was saying, then you heard that in one segment he compared the i8 to the Prius when in all-electric mode. Furthermore, the man behind the wheel added that he had an opportunity to drive i8’s before and in some parts, at least to him, the i8 doesn’t have the adequate performances when compared to the aggressive sporty design. We tend to agree with this as more power in a vehicle that looks like this would be a pure win-win situation.

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Miloš Kalajdžić
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