4 Best Poker Chips for Home Games 2024


Gambling is probably more accessible these days than ever before. There are casinos almost everywhere if you enjoy gambling on the spot, but there are also online casinos offering their different games. One of online sites that offer gambling is Gclub, so you can check their online casino. Of course, we should also mention sports betting as one of the favorites among passionate players. However, roulette, slots, backgammon, blackjack or betting aren’t the subject of today’s article. It’s poker, one of the most popular (perhaps the most popular) gambling games around the world.

To become a top poker player, such as Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu or Liv Boeree, you have to put in a lot of effort. Simply, the right tactic means a lot, and the tactic in this case involves learning bluffing, and choosing the style you’ll play. This all seems very interesting, and now that online casinos are available (even those who offer free credits to practice), it’s easy to practice and improve poker skills. However, online poker and the game you play at a real casino isn’t the same thing. All of the skills we mentioned above are primarily applied in the real-life game. In addition, the real-life game brings a different feeling and experience that you cannot get in online casinos.

Therefore, we suggest practicing with real poker equipment, which includes card decks and poker chips. Below, we’ll focus exclusively on poker chips and show you which sets are currently the best in 2024. This way, you’ll be able to perfect your skills and have fun with your friends in the comfort of your own home, and even earn some money if you decide on playing for real money. But now, without further delay, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

  1. Fat Cat, 11.5 grams, 500-count


Fat Cat is one of the most famous poker chip makers. Their products are quality and have features similar to the official casino chips. First of all, we mean weight that is 11.5 grams (official casino chips are about 10 grams in weight), but also accessories that are top quality. Yes, in this package besides 500 chips, you also get two card decks. However, that’s not all, since the little blind, big blind, and dealer buttons are also included in the set.

This is a pretty good deal, and you can store all your poker gear in an aluminum case that is very secure. It is important to note that you get a total of 500 chips, of which there are 100 blue, 150 white, 50 black, 50 green as well as 150 red chips. Each is blank, which means you can decide for yourself what value it will have. All of these features and accessories make this set great for any card game, especially for poker at home with friends. As for the price, this set is currently available on Amazon for $35.

  1. Claysmith Gaming, 13.5 grams, 600-count


Unlike the previous set of chips, this one by Claysmith Gaming has more units. There are exactly 600 chips in this set that belong to the clay category and are part of the ClaySmith Casino Clay line. Interestingly, each of the 600 units weighs 13.5 grams which is higher than the previous set, but this feature also means that the chips are durable and of good quality.

Another important feature of this set of poker chips is that they have marked values. The package has 100 chips of $1, 100 of $5, 50 of $10, 100 of $25, 50 of $50, 100 of $100, 50 of $500, 25 of $1000 as well as 25 chips of $5000. It is important to emphasize that each chip has a dollar sign and is very nicely designed which adds to the gambling experience. In addition, the set also comes with two card decks, five dice as well as a dealer button. When it comes to price, the Claysmith Gaming chipset set is available on Amazon for about $155.

  1. Kovot, 11.5 grams, 300-count


Another great and high-quality set of poker chips comes from Kovot. This set is pretty similar to the previous ones when it comes to the poker equipment in aluminum case you get. So, first of all you can find 300 of 11.5 grams poker chips that are made of very hard and quality plastic, and that doesn’t mean they are lower in quality than the classic clay chips used in casinos. There are 50 black, 50 red, 50 blue, 50 green as well as 100 white chips, which are all blank.

When it comes to extras, inside the aluminum box you can find two decks of playing cards, five dice as well as big and small blind and dealer buttons. So, here’s everything you need for a great home poker tournament. If you think this set of poker chips is ideal for you, order it on Amazon for about $30.

  1. Da Vinci, 11.5 grams, 200-count


Lastly, a very interesting set of poker equipment that is ideal if you don’t want to spend too much money but get a quality set of poker chips. This is a DA VINCI 200 Dice Striped Poker Chip Set. As you can see, inside the aluminum case there are 200 of 11.5-gram poker chips that are made of high-quality and durable material.

Similar to the other sets mentioned in our list, there are two decks of playing cards in the package, dealer, small and big blind buttons, but there are no dice. Another thing that is important to mention is the number of chips. Among total of 200, there are 50 red, 50 black, 50 blue, and 50 white units. Maybe more chips would be better, but this is just enough for a good poker home game with your friends. Finally, we have to emphasize the price, which is really budget-friendly. For about $29, you’ll be able to find this poker set on Amazon and enjoy poker with friends.