Poor Giraffe Saved by Two Men After Getting Stuck in Electric Fence

Source: facebook.com

The world is filled with good deeds and evil deeds. It is full of good people and bad people. Most people, and so do we, love to talk about good things and good deeds. Sometimes these actions create that feeling of relief when you help someone in need. For me personally, that extraordinary feel comes stronger when I help animal which is helpless, or I see someone helping an animal which is in trouble. Today we have a video of two amazing guys helping giraffe which was stuck in the electric fence. The poor creature was lying helplessly while its two giraffe friends were watching in despair and waiting for someone to come in aid. Two men whose names we don’t know, but they have our immense respect for what they did, came along and helped the giraffe. Risking their own lives with high electrified wires freed the animal and set her on a reunion with two close by relatives. It is good when a day starts with a story like this with a happy ending.

Enjoy the video: