Popular Magazine Brands Prefer Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to Earn ‘Likes’

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) one of the leading company in the social networking and advertising industry, this fact has once again been ratified by a new study. A new report stated that Facebook is the first choice of some of the popular magazine brands, when they need to attract more customers or want more “likes”.

Magazine brands flocking to Facebook

Recently, a US-based non-profit organization Association of Magazine Media in their Social Media Report section analyzed 166 magazine media brands followers and likes on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Last three months data has been used by the MPA for the study.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) accounts for almost 50% of the industry’s total social media interactions, and major brands are using the platform for promoting themselves. In terms of number of followers and “likes” on all platforms, National Geographic comes first followed by Time.com.

Apart from Facebook, other platforms are also showing potential, notes the report. Instagram is slowing and steadily becoming popular among magazine brands to establish their presence. Also, Men’s lifestyle magazine Playboy’s new website has already hit 16.2 million likes on Facebook.

Marketers must abandon Facebook

Separately, last week, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced that it is going to reduce the organic reach of bands “promotional” page posts even further from January. The whole process will eventually increase the relevance and the quality of the stories people see in their news Feeds, believe the company.

Owing to such indifferent behavior from the social networking giant, a report from Forrester Research ask marketers to stay away from the platform. In a report named “Social relationship Strategies That Work,” the research firm request marketers to abandon Facebook and search for other alternatives.

Forrester’s Nate Elliott notes that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been curtailing the organic reach of brands’ Facebook posts, and marketers have not been too happy with it. He adds that marketers have already wasted “significant financial, technological, and human resources on social networks that don’t deliver value,” and now they should resort to other means like using smaller social networks, which are not as jammed as Facebook and Twitter.