Which Is The Most Popular Show On The WWE Network?


WWE Network turned out to be a big success for the company. It has been over three years since they launched it and we can say that it is one of the best decisions that they have made. The fans love it since they can now watch the pay per views for a much less money while the company still makes a lot of cash since much more people have invested in it than into those expensive pay per views.

WWE is not using the Network for the PPVs only. They have a lot of shows that they are airing there which is all the more motivation for anybody that is into wrestling to pick up the Network for only 10 dollars a month. We are here today to reveal the most popular shows on the Network during this past week.

4) 205 Live – This show hasn’t been doing very well for the past couple of months, but now they are into the top 4 for this week. This is something that the company wants to continue seeing going forward.


3) Talking Smack – This is the first talk show that WWE launched after their shows. It is much more popular that Raw talk as Renee Young is always doing a great job while The Miz made it popular with his promo last year.


2) Money In The Bank – You probably expected to see this one as the top show as it is a pay per view, but it was not. There is one more event that people just adore.


1) NXT – The fact that this show has attracted more viewers than the PPV event is a true testament of just how much the fans love the NXT. Even though the star power that this developmental brand once had is gone, the fact of the matter is that they are still doing a great job at writing storylines and booking their feuds.