Reigns vs. Lesnar Happening At Summerslam?

Even before this year’s Wrestlemania even passed, there were rumors going around that the company was already planning for Roman Reigns to go up against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34 next year in New Orleans. Everybody knew that Lesnar was going to beat Bill Goldberg for the Universal Championship at Mania 33, so it made sense that the company wanted their most beloved star to go up against the Beast Incarnate.

While the fans didn’t like hearing these rumors, it is not a surprise that WWE wants to put Roman in yet another Mania main event that would be his fourth in a row. But, according to recent reports, there is a chance that the organization will have this match much earlier than it was expected. Right now, there are rumors that this duel is going to take place at Wrestlemania.

The injury of Braun Strowman forced the WWE to change their plans just a little bit. The Monster Among Men was supposed to be the one to challenge Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire, but the injury that he sustained put Samoa Joe in the position that he was meant to be in originally.

Now, the company might be planning to put Reigns in the main event of the Summerslam as they believe that it is the biggest possible matchup that they can do for their most important show of the summer. Their intention is also to make the Summerslam feel as really important and big. The feeling that they have right now is that Reigns vs. Lesnar can attract a large number of fans and is the best thing to do. Strowman going up against the Beast Incarnate would also be something that would be good enough for the main event of the Summerslam, but WWE might not want to go with Braun because the injury maybe stopped his momentum. It probably didn’t, but they might not feel the same way the fans do.