Popular Tamil Songs and Where to Download Them

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Are you familiar with Tamil music? Even if you don’t listen to this type of music, we can guarantee that you have heard some songs even if you don’t know you have. In the following text, we are going to tell you about some main features of this kind of music.

This music has a long history and it is a really significant part of the Tamil community’s culture. It is nothing like you have ever heard before. Unlike western sound which is mostly used to entertain people, the main purpose of this one is to express one’s emotions. The main difference is that Tamil songs allow improvisation which means that every artist can play a song according to his preference and express him through it. This means that Indian music isn’t standardized, that there is not a list of rules that have to be followed when creating it. It is presented through so-called ragas instead of typical notes we are familiar with. Also, another thing that makes it so special is the fact that the focus is on melody instead of lyrics, which makes it deeper, even spiritual.

When it comes to popular Tamil performer, we have to mention A.R.Rahman. He is an Indian music composer, singer, producer who has integrated Indian music with electronic and world music thus popularizing it around the globe. One of his most famous pieces is a song called “Jai Ho” that he composed for the 2008 movie “Slumdog Millionaire” which won Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as Grammy Award and numerous others.

Another singer whose voice can be heard in many Tamil movies is Hariharan. He is considered to be one of the first artists who established Indian fusion music. He has recorded many album and soundtracks both as a solo performer and as a part of a band called Colonial Cousins.

One of the best Indian playback singers is Shreya Ghoshal. She won television singing contest Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, after which she made her playback singing debut in 2002 romantic drama Devdas for which she won numerous awards. Due to her marvelous voice, she is considered to be a leading playback singer of Indian cinema. She has performed all around the world and it is the first Indian singer that has a wax statue in Madame Tussauds Museum. You can listen and download her songs at isaimini website.

K.S. Chithra is a famous Indian artist that has sung over 25,000 songs in different Indian languages, one of which is Tamil. She sings Indian classical, devotional and popular music and is only South India performer who has received MTV Video Music Award. The song “Kannalane/Kehna Hi Kya” she recorded for the 1995 movie Bombay is listed by The Guardian as one of the “1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear Before You Die”.

The last signer we are going to mention is Sunidhi Chauhan. She was born in Delhi and made her debut at the age of 12 in the movie Shastra. “Mehboob Mere” was the song the launched her career back in 2000. She made her international debut with the collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on his song “Heartbeat” from 2012 album Euphoria. Besides having a successful singing career, Sunidhi has also been a judge in various popular television reality shows.

In conclusion, we have tried to introduce you to breath-taking Tamil music, and hopefully, after reading this text you are going to listen to some of the most popular songs.