What are portable evaporative coolers & How do they work


The season of summer is on us. Sweltering heat and humidity is something that definitely won’t spare anyone. You know it’s summer when you involuntarily just switch on the fan from time to time. The less unfortunate people who aren’t able to afford Air conditioners and coolers are very likely to try every trick in the book to help cool themselves.

Summer is undeniably one of the best seasons to have. The anticipation from the last day of school is just insane. The beaches, the bike rides, the adventures and what not are just inevitable fun when it comes to this season.

The biggest downside to this season is the sweltering heat. One alternative is to roam around topless but unless you want an A certification and a public indecency certificate, we’ll suggest you to not take that. Moreover, we’re talking about a lot of sunburn, or a lot of sunblock.

So before we try and fill your heads with any more wild ideas, we’ll get into the one thing that you need for this summer heat. Visit Duravert to know more about coolers and how you can avail good offers on them. In this article, we’ll talk about what evaporative coolers are and how they work. So with that being said, without further ado, let’s get into this!

What Is Evaporative Cooling?


Imagine we have a liquid like water in a container and of course the water is going to try to reach equilibrium. So water is going to be evaporating to try and reach the saturation pressure of water in the gas phase. Now this can be a slow process.

The evaporation will speed up if we were to flow some gas over. So removing the water then we are going to keep evaporating the water. So what we want to look at to visualize evaporative cooling. Suppose we have a container that is completely insulated.

In other words the container is adiabatic, and by adiabatic of course we mean that there is no heat transfer, Q is equal to zero. So as the water evaporates, because this container is adiabatic, the remaining water is going to decrease in temperature, because the energy for evaporation has come from somewhere.

o it comes from the sensible heat of the liquid that remains. If we have a small amount of liquid then we can have a significant change in the temperature. In other words this is the cooling experienced when you get out of a swimming pool and the water liquid on your  evaporates and you feel cooler.

What Are Evaporative Coolers?


An energy-saving alternative to refrigerated air conditioning,  evaporative coolers use nature’s own means of cooling to provide relief on those hot dry days, in arid climates.  Traditional air conditioning requires a closed system and condenser to supercool the air and remove moisture.

This type of cooling is very inefficient for dry climates, creating an extremely dry and stale indoor environment. By contrast, evaporative coolers have several different applications that provide clean, energy-efficient cooling by using powerful motors, existing windows or duct work, and simple water and electrical connections.

With evaporative cooling, a fan pulls outside air through water- saturated pads, cooling and moisturizing the air. That air then circulates throughout the house and is exhausted out of open windows and doors throughout the home, or through an Up-Dux System that can be mounted into the ceiling.

Depending on media type, geographical area, and humidity levels, evaporative cooling can drop indoor temperatures as much as 30°, and at a fraction of what refrigerated air conditioning would cost.

How Does Evaporation Cause Cooling?


Besides the fact that we’ve talked about evaporative coolers and what not, it is important to understand the working principle of how it works. Apart from a mechanical standpoint, it is important to know the physical aspects as well.

First off it all begins with water. We know for a fact that water has a high latency power of heating. Basically what that means is that it takes a lot of energy to transform the state of water. This is a highly advantageous as well as a great characteristic which has made use of many applications in real life.

How it basically works is that water absorbs the heat that is present all over the body which leaves the body of matter cool. This is the most basic and simple principle that evaporative coolers work.

Best Evaporative Coolers

  • Hessaire Evaporative Cooler

Perfect for patio and backyard cooling, Hessaire Evaporative coolers are definitely a must have for those that want quick and dry cooling. It has numerous clean mats that help air circulation that lets out clean air without having any moisture damage inside. It has effective rotary controls that help switch the product ON and OFF, as well as speed settings for high, low and medium. Despite it’s slightly bulky looking appearance, it is highly portable and easy to store when not in use. It also has a float adapter, which eliminates the need to continuously fill the product up with water every now and then.

  • Greatssly Air Conditioner


This air conditioner signifies the meaning of good things that come in small packages. Greatssly is one of the brands that embodies this belief. Promising to provide adequate evaporating air cooling, its small body provides powerful mechanics of convection currents that work inside it.

It is highly portable, and very easy to store during times off not using it. It is one of the most energy-efficient products to have. It is mainly because air coolers take up a lot of power usually, and this is one of the best alternatives if you want to save up on some money.


Air coolers are a must have for a region that has a lot of heat and humidity. Apart from dry air coolers, evaporative air coolers are one of the best alternatives to have to convert the humidity around you into a cool environment.