Possible Wrestlemania Matches Set At Survivor Series

Source: wwfoldschool.com

The Survivor Series 5v5 Traditional tag team battle was the main event of the show. There were so many stars involved, and it was a nice thing to see. It looked like WWE went all out to get all of these superstars on the same show in order to make the event as big as it can possibly be. Even though the match itself was okay, it wasn’t booked as well as the rest of the show was.

But, even with that being said, we got a glimpse of what we can expect to come on Wrestlemania. The biggest story at the end of the event was Triple H causing Kurt Angle to get eliminated just that he can be the one to finish off Shane McMahon and win the match.

Triple H and Kurt Angle had some interaction on the latest edition of Raw which caused everybody to think about these two possibly meeting at the grandest stage of them all. In the end, what happened here was almost like a confirmation that we are going to see these veterans fighting.

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Another match that the company might prepare for us is Braun Strowman going up against John Cena. There is almost nobody for Cena to fight at the grandest stage of them all but Braun Strowman. The WWE booked them not to interact with each other at Survivor Series which can be the indication that they want to save that matchup for Wrestlemania.

Right now, that seems like the route that WWE is going to take going into Wrestlemania season. As far as the other clashes are concerned, we didn’t really see any indication that something else is going to happen and that is going to be influenced by this match. Nakamura and Balor had a nice moment, but it is hard to imagine them fighting at Mania since they are on two different brands.