Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles Match Of The Year At Survivor Series?

As soon as AJ Styles won the WWE championship from the Modern Day Maharaja last Tuesday, every single fan was glad that it happened because it meant that we have a huge Wrestlemania-worthy match at the Survivor Series. AJ Styles going up against Brock Lesnar was a dream duel, a battle that was must see. At the end of the fight, no fan was left wanting more from what these two have given us.

If we are being honest, this was one of the best matches that WWE booked in recent memory from start to finish.

The battle began with Brock Lesnar dominating The Phenomenal One, cutting the ring in half and having his way with the WWE Champion, just like a man of his size and power should. It was believable. But, that was the easy part.

The hard part was how to make AJ Styles look legit against Lesnar and make it believable. They have passed the test with flying colors as Styles gained some momentum by making critical and precise strikes. A couple of those in the leg was enough to slow down The Beast Incarnate and to create an opening for AJ Styles. From that point on, Styles used every move in the book, every move that he has in his arsenal.

Each was more dangerous than the previous one, from kicks to using the ropes to elevate himself, then throwing the Beast into the steel steps.

Lesnar was able to counter a couple of times, but the battle was now wide open. AJ Styles fought back. And it was believable.

When Styles went for a couple of finishing moves, mostly from the top rope, Lesnar was able to break the pin all for the first time in the match. A calf crusher from AJ Styles almost gave the win to The Phenomenal One.

Right at that moment, it seemed that Styles was going to win. But, Lesnar squashed those dreams with one of the most brutal submission move breakups that you will ever see. Styles’ head was just bouncing up and down the matt.

The WWE Champion gained enough confidence to go to the top rope and go for the 450 splash which connected, but he couldn’t hold the beast down for the three count. Styles felt like he can finish the job right there and went for the Phenomenal Forearm.

That was the cue for Lesnar to catch him and set him up for the F5 finisher. The three-count began, and Styles had no answer. Your winner, The Beast Incarnate.

In the end, we got the winner that we expected. Still, it was one hell of a match and a battle that we are not going to forget.