Roman Reigns Leads The Shield To Victory At Survivor Series


In the opening match of the Survivor Series, The Shield faced against The New Day in a battle that the guys from the Raw brand requested. After The New Day cost Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose their Raw tag team titles, they wanted to get their hands on the New Day and make them pay for coming to their show and ruining their championship defense against the team of Sheamus and Cesaro.

The WWE decided that this was the best use of Roman Reigns in the Survivor Series. Instead of him being in the 5v5 traditional SS match like it was originally planned, they left him out of the main event and had him join forces with Ambrose and Rollins and battle as The Shield.

Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E are the trio that formed The New Day a couple of years ago. Since The Shield split up back in 2014, we can say that The New Day were the best team in the WWE for a while. Right now, they were the only legit opponent for Roman, Seth, and Dean.


Their match at the Survivor Series was very good. It was good enough to be the main event of a B-level pay per view as we had all the big moves, all the big matchups. Roman going up against Big E was probably something that the fans wanted to see more off as the face-off between these two was perfect.

In the end, just like most of the fans expected, The Shield wound up winning this battle as Roman Reigns went to the top rope while Dean and Seth carried Woods to him. Then, they did their signature triple powerbomb from the top rope which was more than enough to keep the New Day down for the three count and give Raw their first win of the night.