Posting Daily And Keeping Content Relevant Yield Best Results On Google Inc (GOOG)’s Pinterest

For all those who are new to Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Pinterest or the old users, tech experts have come up with a sharing strategy to build upon the followers. Even as the marketers do not negate the benefits of uploading pins on a regular basis daily, understanding the timings and the people who are using the social media at that time are also important. The customized SmartFeed feature is another way of adding pins while on the go.

At Least 5 Pins Daily

According to a SumAll infographic titled How Often Should You Post on Social Media, the average number of pins one needs to do to build a following are 5. Ahalogy experts, however, felt that they saw the best results after using 15 to 30 pins daily, spread evenly across the day. A Pew research has found that on an average, around 17% users visit Pinterest every day, 9% use it several times, 29% visit weekly and around 52% use it sometimes.

Experts opined that for those who wanted to grow their network, pinning in the afternoons and evening was the best bet. Eastern Time 8 pm and midnight were the best times for pinning food-related content and this was the time when the best results can be expected for repins as well.

Make Your Pins Worthy

Pinterest is a majorly used source for most, and the worthy pins will be noticed whenever one needs, and these grab attention at all times. A Pigora research found that after posting a pin, 40% clicks came on day 1, 70% on day 2. The remaining keep on happening across months, as per the relevance of the content pinned. The SmartFeed option makes the pins accessible to a wider audience.

To make the pin interesting and make it worthy of being followed, it needs to be kept in mind that the content should be rich and unique. They should be linked to resourceful sites, keywords are used, and headlines and images are optimized. So on a wider note, the Pinterest content can be made relevant and useful by pinning on a regular basis, and whenever the chances come, pinning can be done and repins would be there.