Predicting NFC South After Week 10 Losses

Atlanta Falcons are leading the NFC South with a 6-4 record. They had a great chance to extend their lead as both Saints and Panthers lost their games in Week 10, but they also dropped one in Philly 24:15. It’s pretty clear what is going to happen in this division, but the question is who is going to take it?

First of all, it’s hard for us to see a wild card coming out of the NFC South. Truth be told, the Packers also lost in Week 10 and that division is also a contender for the wild card. One thing is clear, and that’s that one team out of the NFC East will have a wild card spot. Two squads from that division will make the Playoffs, but that is unlikely to happen for the South.

Saints had a great chance on their turf against the Broncos. They had the opportunity to win the match with an extra point, but it got blocked, and Denver got two points out of that. Panthers had a 17-0 lead but dropped the game to Kansas City Chiefs. They are not trustworthy. We believe in the Saints much more than we do in Carolina. That alone says a lot about the reigning NFC Champions.

Atlanta is going to win this division by default with a 10-6 record. Saints might finish at 8-8 just like the Panthers, but it’s going to be hard for them to enter the Playoffs with that kind of record. Atlanta could afford to lose here, and they did. Now, they just need to be decent going forward and win some divisional duels in order to make the postseason. The season is most likely over for the Carolina Panthers.