Prescott: Big Shoes To Fill With Romo Gone


Even though Dak Prescott and Tony Romo were rivals in terms of battling for the same job spot, they were actually good friends off the field, and Romo gave his support and a stamp of approval to Prescott when he needed to. Now, with him being gone, Prescott realizes that he has big shoes to fill as Tony was one of the best quarterbacks that this franchise ever had.

“Me and Tony, we’ve always been great throughout this whole situation, before the situation when I came in (as the starter). So nothing’s ever changed. That’s something I’m very thankful were able to manage of keeping our relationship the same throughout everything that was going on.”

Even though they were looking to outplay each other on the practice field, there really wasn’t any drama between Romo and Prescott. It was all about the media as they were talking about who should be starting for this team every single week.


“I hope he’s happy. He made the decision to retire, he’s had a great career. He’s got some big shoes for me to fill to try to come in and do a good job for the Cowboys.”

Last year, he did more than filling the shoes of Tony Romo as he brought the stability and the security of the ball that Tony Romo really never could. It had a lot to do with the game plan that Dallas Cowboys had, but still, the rookie did a great job. Now, the expectations are going to be high, and Prescott knows that is going to be the case. That is why new franchise QB stated what he did as he realizes that he has his work cut out for him.