Where Does The Rock Rank Among Greatest WWE Superstars Ever?


The biggest star in Hollywood today was once one of the most entertaining people that have ever stepped a foot in the WWE ring. He was one of the biggest draws ever and is considered as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. But, where does he actually rank on the all-time list?

There are many different criteria to determine this. If you are looking at who was the biggest draw that WWE ever had, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin are the two that have the lead on that list. We can put The Rock right behind them in the Top 5.


When it comes to the work on the mic and in-ring skill, there is no doubt that The Rock was the greatest superstar on the mic that the organization has ever seen. His in-ring work was also good, but his personality is what made him one of the greatest ever. Overall, his popularity would put him right there with The Hulkster and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

However you look at it, there is no doubt that The Rock is in the Top 5 of all time. On this list, Stone Cold Steve Austin would probably be number one as his popularity and his character is unmatched. There is never going to be another Superstar like The Texas Rattlesnake.


Hulk Hogan was so popular in the late 80s and the early 90s that we have to put him at number two. There is no child from that period that didn’t idolize The Hulkster. Behind them, The Rock sits at number three. Even though Cena is also one of the all-time greats, there is no doubt that The Rock was a bigger draw and is much more universally liked than the leader of Cenation. That’s why we are ranking The Rock as the third greatest of all time.