Prescott Building Chemistry With Dez Bryant


Most of the elite NFL teams have that one wide receiver that their quarterback can always rely on. When you need a big play, you know that you can throw the ball to that guy, fling that football up in the air and let him try to go and get it. For the Dallas Cowboys, over the last couple of seasons, that target at the wideout position was Dez Bryant. Last season, he wasn’t healthy, and he couldn’t help out his squad all that much.

When he returned late in the year, he showed just how big of a weapon he can be. But, Dak Prescott didn’t have enough time to build that true connection with his wideout. Now, in his sophomore year, he has the chance to do that. Prescott is now more experienced and that should help this duo as well.

We have seen just how good these two can be in a matchup against the Colts. When they connected on two big plays, one being a touchdown for Dez. They really didn’t need more than one quarter to make a huge impact. Prescott has recently spoken about the chemistry that these two have been building over the past couple of weeks.


“He has been healthy all Off-season, so that chemistry has grown. He’s been a guy that his ears are wide open, wanting to know what I’m thinking, and I want to know what he’s thinking. It’s just been back and forth of just talking and doing it out there on the field and it’s only growing. To me, it’s the best Dez has been.”

This duo is going to have to play well all year long if the Dallas Cowboys want to get out of the NFC. They are going to be leaders of this team, leading by example both on and off the field.