Xbox One X pre-orders start today with a surprise – you will get a limited “Project Scorpio” edition


Microsoft decided to make all gamers happy out there allowing pre-orders on their new gaming system Xbox One X. If you pre-order, you will receive a souped-up version of the console for $499 which now offers more memory and improved processing designed for 4K playback, as it was already shown at E3 in June.

Microsoft decided to use the platform at the Gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany and there we saw a debut of the limited edition version of the Xbox called Day One. This version represents a homage to Project Scorpio was introduced by Microsoft, and it will be available only via the pre-order, as we managed to find out from a brief hint that emerged from a German retailer on Friday. To be completely honest this limited series will not differ much from the regular One X, it is mainly out there as a marketing trick which should boost sales.

There will be a few interesting things about it, you will appreciate like the “Project Scorpio” name engraved on top of the console’s subtle black graphical pattern. The name will also pop up on the included controller, right in the middle of the control pads. The system will ship with a vertical stand, and it will pay homage to the original Xbox though the graphic design on the packaging. Neat details which will make this limited series really cool, and probably bring back memories of its “distant” predecessor.

What we, unfortunately, do not know is the shipping date of this system mainly because Microsoft hasn’t listed it yet, but we believe it will come soon. Until that day comes, if the One S is your thing, then you will be glad to hear that Microsoft will be launching a pair of bundles with the slimmed down version of the console set for release on October 10th. The One S Shadow of War bundles ship with Middle-earth: Shadow of War and a couple of Xbox subscription perks. Those could be yours for $349 and $279 for the 1TB and 500GB versions, respectively.