Prescott Impresses In Cowboys Win Over Colts


Jason Garrett has said that the starters are finally going to see some play time in their third Preseason game. There is no need to overwork them and risk them getting injured, but the coach needs to have a good look at what his main guys are capable off, how good they are and what they still need to work on. When it comes to Dak Prescott, he performed just as good as he did a year ago when he surprised the NFL.

This looked like a match in which he was out to prove that he is not just a one-year wonder and that he is someone that the Cowboys can depend on for years to come. He threw eight passes and completed seven of them for 106 yards. He added one TD pass to Dez Bryant who also had a good game with 55 receiving yards on two catches. Prescott was really poised and impressive against the Colts.


This isn’t a big surprise as everybody has been saying that he has looked really good in the camp. Dak still isn’t one of the best in the NFL, and he knows in which area he needs to improve. What we saw from him suggest that he is the guy who is going to put in the work. Here is what coach Jason Garrett had to say about Prescott’s performance on Saturday night.

“The first drive was outstanding. A good mix of run and pass, made some plays in the passing game and the throw to Dez was outstanding. The second drive was equally good. We didn’t cash on it, though. The turnover down in close obviously hurt us.”