Cowboys Beat The Colts In Week 2 Of Preseason


The Dallas Cowboys returned to winning ways in the Preseason after dropping the game against the Rams last week. The offense wasn’t that impressive in LA, but they for sure reminded us of how good they can be last night against the Indianapolis Colts. In the end, they finished the game with 24 points compared to Colts 19. The final score doesn’t even matter. It matters how good the starters looked in the first half.

Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant really didn’t look like they are in the Preseason. Everything was smooth, and everything was running well. No Ezekiel Elliot for the first six games? Well, if the offense keeps playing the way they did against Indy, the team is not going to miss him much. McFadden did fumble the ball, but he ran for 59 yards on nine carries on the night. Those are some pretty good numbers for a guy who’s number is going to be called with Elliot out.


He is going to be in a prime position to succeed, and Dallas will need him to perform like he did last night. It was definitely a good sign for him and for the team that they can rely on him. When it comes to the defensive side of the ball, Jaylon Smith was for sure the story of the night.

The Cowboys expected his debut, they waited long enough, and it seems that he is going to prove that he was worth the wait. If this man can avoid the injuries in the future, he has the potential to be a big time contributor for this Cowboys team that is looking to get back at the top of the NFL after 22 years. All in all, it was a good showing for the ‘Boys who have two preseason games to play before the clash with the Giants in Week 1.