Big Surprise At NXT Takeover Brooklyn


NXT fans are used to great Takeover shows, and Triple H and his crew didn’t disappoint at all. They came back to Brooklyn for the third-straight year, and they delivered one of their best shows so far since the NXT brand started producing these events. Solid card, great matches, and a few surprises. It was all that the fans of this brand have been looking for. And probably more.

First, it was Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish that attacked the new NXT Tag Team Champions, the Sanity, after they won their match against the Authors Of Pain. That win alone was a bit of surprise, but it wasn’t as big of a treat as when Fish and O’Reilly really lit up the crowd and the ring. They looked great, their presence was awesome, and they are going to be big players for this brand going forward.


Then, after the match in the main event ended, O’Reilly and Fish showed up again. This time, they were just a distraction for Adam Cole to come in. The crowd was going crazy before there was any sign that somebody is going to come to the ring as the camera was pointed at Drew McIntyre. The crowd kind of gave it away that something big was going to happen. Still, it was an amazing segment as Adam Cole is somebody that Triple H has big plans for going forward.

They continue the trend of successful guys outside of the WWE coming to the NXT as that is definitely the place to be if you want to build up your name. Just look at what they have done with Roode. He became a monster star in an instant. The same thing is going to happen to Adam Cole.