Why Isn’t Rollins Using Pedigree Anymore?

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Seth Rollins is one of the biggest stars that WWE has today. There were big plans for all three members of the former Shield and they didn’t disappoint at all. Every single member held the WWE Championship at least once in their career, and they are three of the biggest superstars that WWE has today. What makes Rollins a bit different is the fact that he started out as a heel when they split up, while Roman and Ambrose were never villains as singles guys.

Seth Rollins has recently talked about how he feels about transitioning from being a heel to being a good guy. To The Architect, it was all natural, and he didn’t worry about that at all. This guy knew that the fans wouldn’t accept him right away, but that they would eventually get behind him. After a slow start as a face, he is now one of the most beloved superstars on the roster. Good booking and his great in-ring work are what enabled him to become one of the fan favorites.

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You might have noticed that he is not using his former finisher anymore, the pedigree. That was something that Triple H created and made his signature. Now, Rollins is trying to move on from his mentor and create something that people will immediately relate to him.

“The Pedigree was a part of my life when I was in the Authority and it made sense for the time being, after sealing the deal and beating Triple H with it at WrestleMania, that was a good place to retire it. At the end of the day I want to be my own person, I want to be my own performer, and I want to have a finisher that’s synonymous with me and not with my mentor.”