President Obama Talks about Improving Digital Security, Snubs Apple Inc.

Apple New York Store

In a recent speech, President Barack Obama talked about the vital role certain tech companies were going to play in the future of online security but forgot to mention one technological giant, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).

President Obama also mentioned his new initiatives about online security including the Cybersecurity National Action Plan, rather known as the CNAP. In what can only be judged as a deliberate snub on Apple by the President, Obama said “With the help of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Visa we’re going to empower Americans to be able to help themselves and make sure that they are safe online with an extra layer of security, like a fingerprint or a code sent to your cell phone.”

Considering that the tech companies mentioned plus Apple have previously with the Obama administration to talk about ways to protect and secure data which according to Apple boss, Tim Cook, nothing concrete was discussed and he called for more dialogue about the situation when asked about it back in February by ABC news anchor, Muir.

Apple has always striven to give the best to its customers, especially in the security department. Excluding that one incident when celebrity’s iCloud systems were hacked and their private photos exposed, Apple has always been a leader in privacy and security. So it comes as a shock that one of the leading companies in technological innovation has been snubbed by the President for something so important.

But then again if you have been following the news lately then you will know about the row between the FBI and Apple, whereby the FBI is in possession of a terrorist’s phone, who is believed to have been the perpetrator of the San Bernardino massacres that happened last year in December in California. The FBI believes the phone contains valuable information pertaining to the shooting but they cannot unlock it unless they get help from Apple.

The twist is what President Obama claims he wants from the tech companies is what Apple is already offering. Two-factor authentication system and fingerprint technology. These features already exist in plenty of modern devices, including Apple’s devices. Apple was actually one of the first companies to implement them.

Mr Obama, however, did not mention the FBI vs Apple case, because that would put him between a rock and a hard place. In one instance he wants security and in the other he can’t snub a government agency.

Obama said, “More and more, keeping America safe is not just a matter of more tanks, more aircraft carriers; not just a matter of bolstering our security on the ground, it also requires us to bolster our security online.” He went on to mention the threats to national security and privacy of Americans. The budget for cyber security has been increased to $19 billion, he mentioned.