Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)’s Model S P100D Plans Revealed by Hacker

Tesla Model S 90D

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) fans who had been waiting for the unveiling of the next product in the Model S generation can finally be excited as a hacker uncovered the unannounced P100D that Tesla plans to use to boost its revenue.

The powerful version comes equipped with a 100 kWh battery that dwarfs the 90 kWh battery version of Tesla Model S that is on the market right now. The Model S that is available right now has a driving range of near 290 miles. A bigger battery only means the driving range of the car is extended potentially exceeding 300 miles giving the car a greater performance.

Jason Hughes, a prominent hacker of Tesla Model-S cars discovered the existence of the new car and tweeted the news to Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk,  about how he had seen that the company was developing a new Model-S P100D, something which the company had not been ready to reveal and announce before.

In response, Mr Musk called hacking in the name of good a gift. Hughes however said there were consequences for his actions since he claimed that Tesla had sent his own car a version of a software to download which would have been a downgrade on what he already has. He also tweeted Mr Musk about the incident who then told him if it was true that something like that had happened, it was not from his command.

Hughes and fellow Tesla experts reason that since the current available Tesla model is called Tesla Model S P90D prominently because of its 90 kWh battery then the next version would probably have a 100kWh battery because of the name Hughes had seen in the documents he saw. This would signify an increase by 10 kWh in battery power.

Owners of the Tesla cars available now report that they get about 3 miles per kWh, there an extra 10 kWh would at least 30 kWh. This is a significant upgrade from 90 kWh than the small 5kWh upgrade Tesla did from the last model with an 85 kWh battery. The P100D would be a performance model therefore, there would be changes to fuel economy over the Model S. But then again this depends on how you drive.

Despite all these rumors Tesla Motors is however expected to release a low-cost electric sedan, the Model 3, later this month. However the news has come out for Tesla supporters, they are surely excited about the months to come.