Top Printer Picks of 2024 for Work From Home, Office, and Much More

We have often observed paperless office work in sci-fiction, but it seems like it was just fiction. Having documents in paper form is still equally important. Whether you are working office or you have to deal with some living stuff, you need papers.


With a global pandemic that has affected the whole world, many employees have no other option but to work from home. Even though COVID-19 cases have declined in many countries, a significant number of people are still not comfortable going to the office and working. Working from home then obviously means having your own equipment such as a laptop, a fax machine, and most importantly, a printer. Almost all sorts of businesses need printers for various purposes. This is why, in the following article, we’ve listed the top five printer picks for 2024 that can be used in your home and office.

1. HP Office Jet Pro 9025:

The HP office jet pro is a great multi-purpose printer that can be used for official as well as personal use. It’s pretty compact, which makes it easy to carry around. Apart from printing, the hp Office Jet Pro can scan documents and fax them, giving you an all-in-one package. Moreover, this machine can print 22-24 pages in one minute, reducing ink refill costs.

2. HP LaserJet Pro:

The LaserJet Pro is the second-best printer introduced by hp. This printer is slightly bigger than the Office Jet Pro, which gives it the capacity to hold 250 sheets. Unlike standard printers, the hp LaserJet Pro has a built-in USB port, which makes it much more user-friendly. You’ll be able to print documents directly by simply inserting your USB or flash drive. It would definitely be a good investment for workaholics. Also, you can get this printer for a reduced price from slick deals by using a hp cheap shopping voucher.

3. Canon Pixma ip110:

Unlike the Office jet and LaserJet, the Canon Pixma ip100 is a portable printer that can easily be carried around. If you have a job that requires you to be mobile, the Canon Pixma would be of great use. This portable printer can print 9 pages in one minute. Better yet, you can get your print outs in black and white as well as in color.

4. Brother HL2390DW:

Source:Brother HL2390DW

The Brother HL2390DW is the fourth-best printer on this list. What makes it so good is that A) it’s budget-friendly and B) it has all the fancy features you’d find in a high-end printer. In terms of features, the Brother HL2390DW has wireless connectivity as well as scanning capabilities. This means you’ll be able to print documents by wirelessly connecting the printer to your mobile device. The only demerit of this printer is that it only prints in black and white.

5. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840:

For a business setup, the Epson WorkForce Pro would be the ideal printer. It’s a budget-friendly printer capable of printing pages in high quality. Moreover, this printer also has instant dry pigment ink, which has the ability to dry up printed sheets instantaneously.

6. Canon Selphy CP1300

This is the handiest printer that you can use for various purposes. The interesting thing is that it is highly portable and connects with your mobile phone. Therefore, for user-convenience, Canon has equipped it with a battery pack. So if you are planning to go to some remote place to live quietly during the pandemic, this will be the best choice. 

Furthermore, this printer allows you to print out documents, pictures and stickers as well. Therefore, your kids won’t get bored, you can provide them with the things to decorate their rooms.

7. Brother MFC- J995DW INKvestment Tank

As the name depicts, this printer offers a very long lifetime for ink. Therefore, if you are planning to buy it for your home and for office work, the hassle of refilling the ink will be gone. In addition to this, the cost of ink will be reduced. Thus, it will a budget-friendly device for personal use. 

Furthermore, the print quality offered by this Brother INKvestment Tank is also amazing. You can get a double-sided print that will save your papers. Moreover, it operates through the 2.7 inches colored touchscreen. Another interesting thing is that you can connect it through USB, AirPrint and Ethernet and not just a wired connection. So printing will be super easy even for your kids. 

8. HP Neverstop Laser Printer

This is a monochrome laser printer that offers you to print out your documents. So if you rarely need to print out colored copies, it will be a waste to buy colored printers. Furthermore, it saves you a lot of ink cost by offering 2500 pages per refill. 

In addition to these features, you will get a fast printing speed of 21 pages per minute (PPM). Furthermore, it has a perfect size, similar to the 8.5×11 paper size. Therefore, it won’t take much of your space. 

9. HP Envy 6055

HP has a wide range of printers for all of your needs. Office workers do not need some fancy things. Contrarily, youngsters want smart-looking tools and equipment. Therefore, HP has it all in its wide range of printers. So here is the HP Envy 6055, which is an All-in-one device. 

It offers wireless connectivity of even 2.4 and 5 GHz. Thus, you can use it to scan and copy your documents. Furthermore, you can even send your documents to Dropbox and Google Drive.

10. Canon TR8620

This Canon TR8620 is highly suitable for people who love to work smartly. This printer offers an automatic document feeder of 20 sheets. Furthermore, it also has a mobile app that helps you out with your printing needs. Thus, you can use Alexa, Google assistant and AirPrint to get your printed copies. An interesting thing is that it has a 5-ink system. So you can get a colored print and even a perfectly shaded document with the 2 black ink levels.  


When it comes to working from home or in the office, a well-functioning printer is essential. Having a printer on your work desk can save you a lot of trouble as you’ll be able to print and fax documents directly to your boss or someone in your peer group.