PureFit Keto vs. Kegenix – Top Ketogenic Diet Exogenous Ketones Supplements

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So, a keto rash has been giving you trouble sleeping because of the itching that doesn’t stop! There have been prescribed solutions towards recovering from a keto rash. Most of them are solutions that if taken, can lead to your well being within a few days and in serious cases, weeks.

The major cause of a keto rash is ketosis. Most people who try to lose weight go into ketosis as one of the best measures. During ketosis, the body usually depends greatly or wholly on its fat. Nonetheless, most people usually initiate themselves into a strict carb diet where their carb intake is usually null and in cases when they have to, then the levels are usually below 50 g. It is in such times that the body becomes susceptible to keto rash. While increasing your carb intake to at least 50 g and at most 100 g could just do the trick, most people would not be happy about interfering with their weight loss program. Here are better-prescribed solutions that will work for you like a charm! Take them as early measures, and you’ll never have to worry about keto rash.

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PureFit Keto

PureFit Keto is a supplement with a unique and quite bright idea. Instead of having to starve your body of carbohydrates or go into ketosis, PureFit promises to burn your fat. This means that your diet does not have to change at all, and thus cause inconveniences that in a way may be a result of the keto rash. Doesn’t this just sound amazing? At the end of the day, it’ll be like killing two birds with one stone; you’ll not only burn fat efficiently, but you’ll also be able to avoid the keto rash, and when you look back at the end, it’d all have been with no much struggle.


Kegenix works differently, however. The human body has its fat burning ability which happens in the ketogenic process. In this process, stored fats are converted by ketones into fuel. The result is an increase in focus and the body’s energy. Kegenix helps the body produce additional ketones. This means that more fat will be converted into fuel and thus more energy for the body. This supplement will in a way kickstart the body’s fat-burning ability within a very short time, normally one hour at most. What you’ll get at the end is energy, and here you can bet on clean energy, a balance of the body’s electrolytes, and hunger control, to mention a few.

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So, the big question here is, PureFit Keto or Kegenix? A humble opinion should hold that considering how Kegenix works by simply triggering the body’s ability to convert fat into fuel, Kegenix would be quite the choice. However, it is indeed a fact that PureFit Keto works in an amazing way by exempting the body the hectic role of burning fat which often are causes of the keto rash due to carb starvation. However, the natural aspect of Kegenix and its ability to simply trigger the body’s ability and leave the rest to it is what would make anyone think twice and decide to purchase the product.