Ram Rebel TRX Concept Presented at the 2016 Texas State Fair


Ram Rebel TRX Concept is going to be a serious competition to the 2017 Ford F 150 Raptor as they presented their new car at the Texas State Fair which started on the September 30.

According to the automaker, the vehicle will have a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine which produces 575 horsepower. This engine was installed instead of the standard 5.7-liter and if this concept car ever hits production it will be the most powerful American vehicle ever sold.


This car only remains a concept vehicle for now, as Jim Morrison, the head of Ram in the U.S. stated. So far the Ram Rebel TRX is only a “design study”, but we wouldn’t be shocked if the vehicle went into production.

The transmission is an 8-speed automatic just like in the other Hellcats. Furthermore, the Ram 1500 borrowed a lot of elements to the new concept. Thus, we have the same axle as well as the link coil setup. However, not everything is identical, so the TRX concept is equipped with the giant six-piston front and rear stoppers.

The Head of Ram Brand, FCA – Global, Michael Manley said:”With 575 supercharged horsepower and a suspension system built to withstand an all-day hammering, the Rebel TRX concept can devour the roughest terrain at more than 100 miles per hour and never look back.”

Ram Rebel TRX Concept’s most powerful weapon lies under the hood and this car does look better than the rival Ford F150 Raptor. They only need to figure out how to bring the car to production, which will not be easy.