Rampage – Dwayne Johnson’s Summary


Dwayne Johnson has written the best summary of the upcoming movie which is an adaptation of the 1986 arcade game – Rampage. His report is pretty detailed and lengthy, and he posted it on his Instagram account. It seems that the storyline of the movie revolves around three genetically modified furious animals – an alligator, a wolf, and a gorilla. However, the actor points out that the film will carry more emotional depth than that.

As far as its story is concerned, we suppose it will be richer than the plot of the original arcade game. Namely, players in the game took control of one of those three monsters and destroyed numerous buildings in a city in order to progress to the next level.

Johnson wrote that he led an anti-poaching unit out of Rwanda. He added that his best friend was a rare albino gorilla called George. Namely, some malevolent people infected George, a wolf and an alligator with a serum, which causes them to grow to an extreme extent. What’s more, their speed, violent aggression and agility are off the charts as well. They are eager to destroy the world, and they are ready to go for it.


Moreover, Johnson wrote that animals didn’t kill people who were loving and kind towards them. If they felt that they were secure, pleased and comfortable, they would give a little lick of affection to show that. What he meant to say is that this is what animals do when they are happy – they lick you. If they don’t, they will simply kill you. In his funny post he also noted that he would hunt down the mean people who hurt his friend and that when he found them, he wouldn’t lick them.

Rampage will hit theaters on April 20, 2018. As far as the release date of Johnson’s next big movie is concerned, we’ll watch him on May 25th in Baywatch.