Rams Fire Head Coach Jeff Fisher

Source: sportingnews.com

Well, nobody really expected this to happen after the news broke out last week about Fisher being offered an extension last week before the Rams were scheduled to play the Patriots. A lot of people were shocked by that Rams’ decision as Fisher didn’t do a thing to deserve an extension from the Los Angeles Rams.

What happened today makes much more sense than giving him a long-term extension. This is the guy that hasn’t had a winning record in seven years and hasn’t made the Playoffs in eight years but was able to keep his job for as long as he did.

Source: dailynews.com

We can’t even count the number of coaches that were fired in the last eight years while this dude was able to keep his job. We can confidently say that there were coaches who did a much better job than Fisher, but couldn’t hold their jobs and were fired for the lack of production. When we talk about the lack of producing, we can’t end the conversation without mentioning now former LA Rams head coach.

Stephen A. Smith of the ESPN’s First Take was one of his biggest critics in the past couple of weeks. Todd Gurley also stated that this man ran a middle school level offense. Having a bad offensive line and Keenum as your quarterback doesn’t help you at all, but there is no doubt about the fact that Fisher is the biggest reason that this team couldn’t reach a winning record since 2008.