The Ranch Season 3 Release Date

Netflix released an interesting series last year – The Ranch. As we are all familiar with, this sitcom reunites That ‘70s Show co-stars Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher. Even if someone wanted to see the series just because of this amazing reunion, they would get glued to the screen right away since it’s hilarious. Since its first season ended and the second one is very likely to be delivered soon, we’re wondering when the third season will be released.

According to a video which Ashton Kutcher posted on Twitter, The Ranch Season 2 will come out in 2017. We saw in the first season how hilarious Bennett family in Garrison can be, as they deal with what life gives them. In the second part of the first season, Kutcher and Masterson expanded the show with Wilmer Valderrama, who was a star guest as a ranch hand Umberto of the Little Pony Ranch. What also made the first season interesting was Bret Harrison’s recurring role as the nerdy Kenny. We can all agree that the Wisconsin crew is doing their best to keep alive the spirit of the Fox series.

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix has renewed The Ranch for Season 2, which we are looking forward to, but Ashton Kutcher already has in mind ideas for the third installment of the series. What’s more, he said that as long as they were ordering the show, they were not done. He also mentioned they wanted to challenge what can be done on a stage in front of a live audience, which would be an amazing thing to see. He said he knew that viewers always expect something more and that it was their duty to deliver more.

This statement means we have numerous interesting things to look forward to in The Ranch Season 3 and we’re impatiently waiting for it to be delivered, hopefully as soon as possible.