Why Is Randy Orton A Boring Champion?

It was a shock to many people that WWE decided to go with Randy Orton over Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 33 as the new WWE Champion. Just when it seemed that The Eater Of Worlds is finally getting the respect that he deserves, the company took the title away from him and gave it to a guy that doesn’t need the belt around his waist at all.

WWE Championship did a lof for Bray Wyatt, and it would have done even more if he held the title for a bit longer. Now, with Randy Orton as the champion and Jinder Mahal as the challenger for that belt, the main event of Smackdown Live really doesn’t look exciting. Grant it, Jinder Mahal has had some good promos. This guy had a few quite great performances in the past two weeks so it will be interesting to see whether or not he can continue working on the similar level.

Source: wrestlezone.com

Jinder himself is actually more interesting than Randy Orton, and that does say a lot about the Viper. He is just not working as a babyface, let alone a top face on the blue brand. Randy is a great heel, one of the best of all time. The Viper and The Apex Predator are two of his nicknames and those signal just how dangerous he is. Now, watching him as a face is a bit cringe.

Orton as a tweener that is leaning a bit towards being a face is a good thing. We have seen that when this guy was in a feud with Seth Rollins two years ago. Since then, when he has been a face, Orton has been pretty boring as that is really not the best role for him. If this continues on the blue brand, don’t be surprised if some fans call for Jinder Mahal to take the title away from The Apex Predator.