Randy Orton Is Great, But Not Living Up To His Skills?

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Randy Orton has been one of the top heels in the company for a very long time. The Apex Predator is a 12-time world champion, and he shows no signs of slowing down. At Wrestlemania 33, he is going to be in a WWE Championship match with Bray Wyatt, a duel that will end this very well orchestrated feud.

In a recent interview, Triple H talked about Randy Orton and how good he is. Orton’s father has also been a WWE superstar, and Triple H noted that Randy is pretty talented. He is not sure if it comes from watching his father in the ring or is it because this guy just has the gift for the business.

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He also noted that the only one that stands between Randy and success at times is The Viper himself. The Game sais that Randy can be self-destructing at times and that he is sometimes his own worst enemy. On top of all that, Hunter thinks that Orton can even become greater and that he still has a lot to give to the WWE and its fans.

“And I still think Randy doesn’t take advantage of all the tools he has. I still think he does what he needs to do. Do you know what I mean? But he could be even better. Yeah, I believe he could attain another level of success. I just think he’s that good. I don’t know if that’s me believing in him more than he believes in him. I don’t know what that is, but don’t get me wrong. He’s great. I just wonder how great he could be.”