Braun Strowman And Big Show Bring Excitement To Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is a way to get as many people on the roster as possible. It can be a good thing, but in the past three years, it has been used just to put superstars without a storyline on the biggest show of the year, so everybody gets their payday. Besides this, the match doesn’t have much meaning behind it.

Last year, we had a duel that was pretty uneventful. What saved it from being a total waste of time was the appearance of Baron Corbin, a guy that made his main roster debut in that match. One of the things that we can look for in this fight is a possibility of someone from NXT showing up in it, or even maybe some notable legends come back.


But, this year, we have another attraction for this match. The showdown of the Big Show and Braun Strowman will be a thing to see at this event and the thing that we look forward too. These two had a great show in the main event of Monday Night Raw. Against all the odds, they were the best thing on that round. Strowman and Big Show have been working matches during Raw themed live shows, and they have built a good chemistry.

A lot of superstars will be in the ring. Between all of them, only Sami Zayn is important. He will have a moment in this match. Besides him, it is going to be a showcase for Braun Stowman who is going to be facing Big Show for the most of this Battle Royal. Thanks to these two, we have a reason to watch this.