Randy Orton Sick Of Being A Babyface?

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People always talk about John Cena and how he’s been able to stay at the top of the food chain for almost 15 years in the WWE. Well, Randy Orton is also a guy that has been a big deal for this company since day one. He even became the WWE Champion before Cena and was one of the biggest heels, if not the top guy for a very long time on the roster.

Now, just like John Cena, he has entered that category of a legend. It is really hard to boo him as he has done so much for the business. Wherever he goes, people want to see him make his entrance, stand and pose at the top rope the way he does, do all of his moves in the ring and RKO somebody out of nowhere. That is what he is known for. When you have a guy like that on your roster, it is really hard to book him as a bad guy.

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But, if someone can do it, it is Randy Orton. In his prime, he was a true snake, somebody that looked evil and was capable of doing even the filthiest things in order to gain an advantage on his opponent. You just wanted him to lose and to get beaten up. When somebody is that good as a villain, it elevates the babyface that he is working with. But, he hasn’t been a heel on the WWE TV for a while now. He spoke about wanting to use his good looks as a way to enhance his heel persona, to call out other guys and the fans.

“I love it and I’m gonna use that, hopefully sooner than later when I turn heel again because I’m sick of this babyface thing, that’s for sure.”