Enzo Amore And Corey Graves Really Don’t Like Each Other

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Enzo Amore is fighting an uphill battle in the WWE right now. He doesn’t have that look to be the top star as his height is always going to slow him down. His tag team partner is something that made him look important, the higher-ups really don’t like him right now, and he has a lot of heat on himself backstage from both the WWE officials and the other wrestlers in the locker room.

But, the fact of the matter is that he is still moving a lot of merch, there are a lot of fans that still love his promos and whatever he brings to the table. He was very popular down in the NXT and is really popular now on the main roster with his antics and mic skills. He actually never used curse words while he is talking which is something that is very admirable.

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People don’t appreciate Enzo in the company as they think that he is the same in real life as his TV persona. This wrestler gets on people’s nerves. One of the guys that were always very vocal about Enzo is the color commentator for the Monday Night Raw brand Corey Graves.

He used his Twitter to take a shot at Enzo Amore by saying that his son celebrated during the baseball game like Enzo does in the ring. Graves stung Amore because he stated that he failed as a father because of that. Enzo wasn’t the one to back down after that as he said that he didn’t fail as a father, but that he did fail as a wrestler and that is the reason why WWE has him behind the desk in a suit and not in the WWE ring.